Welcome to my Webbed site!

the site is under construction

This place is made by an entity that took a name "byte".

It's made as a punk action to re-take the web back into the hands of creators from corporations, and also to have a place where to store my musings and thingamabobs.

Opinions are my own. If you scrape and use this site for your AI bullshit - you're legally obligated to pay me 100% of your annual earnings. You were warned.

abolish JS bloat!

This site has no JS, no counters, no trackers. Just as the web was intended and should've stayed. Yes we're neoluddites in this household :3 Everything that came after fCGI is a sin and should be un-invented.

88x31 banner for this site. Please use this code to embed it, this way it can be updated seamlessly:

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